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The male voice-acting is superb! good. style.


Very well made, almost as good as the original music video :)

I'd like to have seen more movement though.


Important message:

Yay, 5000th review :D

Great stuff.

Above average

That was pretty funny! I don't reside in England but i have heard of these chavs and how annoying they can be. Liked the "preloader game" :P

You could work on your graphics.

Although i'm glad you used my loop, you should put a bit more work into the sound, first of all, the voices are funny but the sound quality is terrible. Re-record them at a lower volume or don't compress them that much. Second of all, i think the loop could be faded out.


edit-undo responds:

Well, since I used your music i'm not going to ignore you now, am I. I'll fade out the music when I have time, but I'm kind of busy at the moment. And as for the graphics, this WAS my first project before I even knew the basics of Flash. Fortunately I have progressed a lot in the last 6 months and any future episodes will be much better. And the voices... I have a crappy microphone =(
But thanks anyway!


Number 3 was mesmerizing! You should put on an epilepsy warning :o

Glad you could use my work.



This movie was great, i enjoy all of your Blockhead animation, they're hilarious. One thing i didn't like about the movie was that blockhead(is that his name? the yellow one:P) didn't seem quite as stupid as usual:(

Looking forward to watching part 3, so get your lazy ass up that chair and submit it!


Almost better than the real thing

Dude, this was amazing. I dunno how you managed to mimic the expressions of Beavis and Butthead so closely but you did! The graphics were almost better than the original series(or at least the first half of it). Very well put together.

Although the voices was done well they seemed kind of fake and you could tell that it wasn't done by Mike Judge(unlike the graphics) so i guess if you want to improve, simply try to improve your voices(if you did them)

I'm a big fan of Beavis and Butthead and i think this is superb!


Liked this

I really liked this, the animation where smooth, and especially the sound was nice and mellow, almost the quality of a real movie. All you needed was some panning effects, and i'd be like: WOW, this guy is awesome. Work a bit on a storyline and you can create a masterpiece!


This is pretty good, to me, it has a touch of genius to it. Reminds me of the salad fingers gothic style. All you need is some creepier music. Although aphex twin is usually very creepy this track is too dreamy and happy.

nebnebs responds:

Yo thanks for the tip. I completely agree, I struggle to find music that suits my stuff. Yeah I love david firth animations. thats probably what feeds my imagination.


Superb job, as usual;D

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